First-time buyers could be paying a premium

First-time buyers could be paying a premium of up to 22% if they use the government’s Help to Buy scheme to purchase a home, a study has found.

It showed that the average person taking their first step on the property ladder using the Help to Buy equity loan initiative paid £303,450 for their home – 10.3% more than those who bought without using the scheme.

The premium paid by first-time buyers using Help to Buy was more than double this level in Yorkshire and the West Midlands at more than 20%, according to Reallymoving.

Its chief executive, Rob Houghton said many first-time buyers find it difficult to raise a deposit and, as a consequence, are turning to Help to Buy – a scheme which operates only under the new-build sector where homes can command higher prices.

He adds that this is in addition to a premium applied for buying under Help to Buy.

“In many cases, first-time buyers simply don’t have the deposit required to explore other options, such as buying a second-hand home, which may offer considerably better value,” he said.


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